Trans-Europe Express

You probably have seen it already, but still I have to mention it…

This superb great artwork by David Černý (Czech Republic) marks the start for the celebrating the Czech Republic’s presidency of the European Union in 2009. This work on the pictures above is called Entropa. Every country of the EU is in it, showing Romania as a vampire theme park, France as a nation on strike, Holland as a flooded landscape with only minarets visible above the water, Italy as a north-south football match, Spain as a building site, England is missing and Bulgaria is being described as a Turkish toilet. The Bulgarians were so pissed that they put a black (sort off) curtain in front of it, hihi, just hilarious!

Originally he presented the work as a gesamtkunstwerk with the work of 27 different up and coming artists – one from each EU member. In fact, the entire piece was produced by David Černý himself. Great hoax!

photos by: Teddy Liho (from Bulgaria)

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  1. rufus.k
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    Wat een gave gast!