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the little red book series (part 2)


ministry of justice
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(in a total of 28 different ministries)

Jack Wouterse and me…


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RO theater
March 4th

Kunstencentrum BELGIE in Hasselt


Black, Yellow, Red and other colors

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the expanding universe of quotes


Tomorrow at the annual Rotterdam museum night, I’ll be showing a new piece at the Sara Tim Trust artistspace located at the Mauritsstraat #167. In a response to this year’s museum night theme ‘XS/XL’ Sara Tim Trust themed their night ‘Revenge of the 50 ft Artists’. They invited me to make something on their huge blackboard and I came up with this little mindbender entitled ‘50 huge feet’. Come check it out, it turned out quite good.

Other participants are 113b, Olivier Scheffer and SARATIMTRUST itself (consisting of graphic designer Andreia Costa, photographer Frank Hanswijk, fashion designer Iñiy Sanchez, allround cultural entrepeneur Natasa Heydra and visual artist / film maker Tim Leyendekker). There’s a bar, local hero Philibert S. cuts a Spanish ham and DJ Chairman of the Board and myself will be playing some of our finest tunes.

photo: Frank Hanswijk, ©2010

the little red book series


ministry of medication
1 of 15 screenprints
(in a total of 28 different ministries)

sneak preview

Zaterdag opening!


Het belang van Limburg

I never dreamed this would happen…

Who could have foreseen this… it’s beautiful and amazing (it’s even bigger than our website can handle!) and like every other thing Jimi did. Sorry for not posting for so long. It’s really really busy. I”ll be back soon with lots more on (amongst other things) my new piece showing at the Rotterdam Museum Night, Marcel Wiebenga’s super cool new weblog on music, love, life, politics and what have you. Bye bye!