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Caralho, wat lekker!


Woohoo! Bij ons om de hoek op de Binnenweg zit, sinds een half jaartje of zo, Paladar (smaak op z’n Portugees), een take-away waar de allerlekkerste Portugese gerechten en wijnen voorradig zijn. Ik ben een keer in Portugal geweest, of eigenlijk een aantal keren, en ben sindsdien fan van het land en diens keuken (net als iedereen trouwens, Portugal is nu niet bepaald Guam, of een of ander obscuur eiland in de Pacific)…

In elk geval, waan uzelf voor een momentje in de back alleys van Porto (waar gerechten standaard met een stuk of tien koolhydratenbommen geserveerd worden; ‘alstublieft, uw Bacalhau met patat met rijst met brood met gekookte aardappeltjes’), of aan een lekker warme lunch in de Bairro Alto waar de heerlijkste gebraden Frangos je om de oren vliegen. ‘Toe’ hebben we Pastéis de Nata (zie foto). Helaas is er nog geen Caldo Verde te krijgen, maar ik ga wel ’s een beetje druk uitoefenen. Daar zijn we toch buren voor?

Ze zitten als gezegd op de Nieuwe Binnenweg, op de hoogte van het Wester Paviljoen (waar vroeger de Jamaicaanse snackbar zat), maar wil je dat nog wel eens even zelf uitmaken, dan zitten ze ook nog eens op het internet, een medium dat steeds meer aan geloofwaardigheid wint en binnen nu en tien jaar ongetwijfeld nog populairder is dan teletext.

colo(u)r me badd

From june 19 til’ last july 11th Gyz and me participated on the group show Kleur 01 (colo(u)r 01) at Dek22, a show in which the works were selected (by guest curator Anique Weve of Fam. Ruim) based on their primary colo(u)r(s) or because they had something to do with one of the primary colo(u)rs otherwise. Gyz’ ‘Yellow Pages’ (2009) and my own —or at least Homey Universalis’— ‘vlag voor het strand’ (flag for the beach, 2007) were on display plus I wrote a little text on the difference of colo(u)rs. This text can (still) be read on a wall in the exhibition going on right now, called Kleur 02 (colo(u)r 02), which is about (the) secondary colo(u)rs, starring (amongst many others) Daan den Houter, Marijke Appelman, Alex Jacobs & Ellemieke Schoenmaker.


from up to down: ‘Yellow Pages’, ‘text on colo(u)r’, ‘vlag voor het strand’.
photos: Pim ‘aw yeah!’ Top

bart smit


You can buy my screenprints at the Bob Smit Gallery.
1 screenprint for only 30 euros. So check them out!
You can see The Little Red Book Series and the
Yellow Pages Series among work of others like Andy Warhol!


My Life in Pictures Pt. 2

I used to have a camera in a (very old) phone which allowed me to sometimes take pictures of stuff that was happening to or (mostly) around me. What it couldn’t do was move taken photos out of the phone and into, let’s say, a computer. Don’t ask. Don’t say that it probably could have been done. Trust me… it couldn’t. Now, a couple years later, because of a major breakthrough in technology I finally did it! Please enjoy some of the subliminal messaging, people, places and situations I have actually lived.


In order of appearance: 1. guy on Leidscheplein Amsterdam had me tricked for at least two minutes, 2. Suus thinks it scary that the blue sky turns black eventually, 3. great sticker, stickered on toilet in club watt, 4. I was there when Paul McCarthy’s Santa Claus (AKA Kabouter Buttplug) was installed in the Rotterdam city centre. (Great moment!), 5. Something nice I saw at the WDKA graduation exhibition (2008?) If you know who made this, please let me know. 6. Daan is Tof just changed his name back to Den Houter, 7. A 2 cm. x 5 cm. sized sticker in the subway says ‘I love Marc Dutroux’ 4 times, 8. Eline getting ready for ‘birthday buikspek en bonen’ at Schiller, 9. A Print Service I wouldn’t trust with the printing of my presentations, 10. In Gent (BE) you can buy a Kurt Cobain action figure, 11. Back in the day when Suus was an Indian squaw, 12. A subway sign I had not seen before. Or since for that matter, 13. Mautaz must be the finest delivery bear I know. (this one’s for you Maksiem), 14. Marieke and Nienke making party at the ‘1 Jaar Woei’ Party (Parkzicht, Rotterdam) and last: 15. Rotterdam Binnenrotte Market Sign.

cookie d’oh!


Great couple days in the food ’n drinks department. My favourite night shop’s selling (get this) ‘Duff Beer’. Shit yeah! The crate says the beer you thought you could only get at Moe’s. Pret-ty, pret-ty, pret ty cool huh? Not two days later I find out there’s one (1!!!) video store in town that’s still selling Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked icecream. Something to do with the owner of that shop buying the icecream all the way in Belgium… I’m not going to tell which video store it is, but they who must eat some now at least know there’s still some left. To quote the legendary Ice Cube ‘it was a good week’.

Wall Street 2: The Girlfriend Experience


One of the favorite films of both Gyz and myself is the 1987 Oliver Stone classic Wall Street. Especially Gordon Gekko, innocence lost personified, portrayed by one excellent Michael Douglas (who for the first time in his career over-classes his dad, except for maybe ‘A Chorus Line’) is a class A movie personage and the film might not have been as good when someone else instead of Douglas would have been doin’ him, but hey… good casting is also good film making! If you’ve never seen Wall Street, go out and (tor)rent it, it just can’t disappoint.

You can imagine how thrilled we were when we found out couple months ago that the sequel was on its way and is to open in Rotterdam theaters some time (september) this year. Until… last night I saw it already by accident. Or actually I saw Steven Soderbergh’s ‘The Girlfriend Experience’, starring (a dynamite) Sasha Grey and furthermore mostly people playing themselves or kind of themselves. Soderbergh uses this people-playing-themselves-and-do-not-know-exactly-when-they’re-being-filmed-or-not technique to bring the realness of chaos in his films, which works out pretty well in both this film and Soderberghs often misunderstood masterpiece ‘Full Frontal’, which —I guess— best resembles TGE throughout his ‘body of work’ so far.

The Girlfriend Experience, about the growing smart of a two thousand dollar an hour escort isn’t so much about sex as it is about ‘the economy of modern day America triggered by the biggest crisis since last century’s thirties’, or about ‘transactions’, as Soderbergh says so himself in this Wall Street Journal interview. This and the fact that it seems the film’s made with the same nonchalance everyday life is being led these days (including how banks and corporations are leading their lives as if they’re adolescents having fun taking her easy) makes TGE the financial film of the times.

It’s not as interesting if you like top notch acting as it is when you’re down with spot on reflections of the human condition under, in this case, eerie economic pressure. In that light The Girlfriend Experience had also better gone for Wall Street 2’s tagline ‘Money never sleeps’ (quite the word play if you ask me), instead of the one they’re using now (probably aiming for a broad and pheromone driven target group) ‘see it with someone you ****’. Which, come to think of it, might just be some sort of contemporary joke on ‘love’ since there’s absolutely nothing to be X’ed going on in this film. Too bad, or maybe not, I don’t know. Maybe me getting my hopes up for ‘some of that’ is part of the Soderbergh experience as it did make me feel part of an absolutely sickening, or at least frightening, or at least pretty damn cold economy in a way, so…

Sasha Grey by the way is a stone fox. Just looking at her made my **** hurt… In a good way, though.

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