colo(u)r me badd

From june 19 til’ last july 11th Gyz and me participated on the group show Kleur 01 (colo(u)r 01) at Dek22, a show in which the works were selected (by guest curator Anique Weve of Fam. Ruim) based on their primary colo(u)r(s) or because they had something to do with one of the primary colo(u)rs otherwise. Gyz’ ‘Yellow Pages’ (2009) and my own —or at least Homey Universalis’— ‘vlag voor het strand’ (flag for the beach, 2007) were on display plus I wrote a little text on the difference of colo(u)rs. This text can (still) be read on a wall in the exhibition going on right now, called Kleur 02 (colo(u)r 02), which is about (the) secondary colo(u)rs, starring (amongst many others) Daan den Houter, Marijke Appelman, Alex Jacobs & Ellemieke Schoenmaker.


from up to down: ‘Yellow Pages’, ‘text on colo(u)r’, ‘vlag voor het strand’.
photos: Pim ‘aw yeah!’ Top

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    Meesterlijke vlag Rufus!