daar gaat me image!


Next week, thursday the 28th, I’ll be speaking my mind in a so called ‘key note’ at the Rotterdam based Image Festival. I was asked to speak about flyers and their relation to music, or the music scene. Apparently I have once said (some 10 to 15 years ago or so) ‘the flyer is dead’. Now Johan Weggis, one of the organisers (if not ‘THE’ organiser) of the festival has remembered this and made it the title of my keynote. Of course I wouldn’t make such bold statements anymore nowadays (since I’m much older and wiser now), but there might still be some truth to it. Or maybe even more so now. I’m diving into that later this week. Anyway, I’m anxious to find out what I have to say about it and I hope you are too! Come and look me up, it takes place at the Cinerama Film Theatre at —be sure about this— thursday the 28th. If you’re not convinced about that date because of the typo on their site, here’s a schedule/time table.