My Life in Pictures Pt. 2

I used to have a camera in a (very old) phone which allowed me to sometimes take pictures of stuff that was happening to or (mostly) around me. What it couldn’t do was move taken photos out of the phone and into, let’s say, a computer. Don’t ask. Don’t say that it probably could have been done. Trust me… it couldn’t. Now, a couple years later, because of a major breakthrough in technology I finally did it! Please enjoy some of the subliminal messaging, people, places and situations I have actually lived.


In order of appearance: 1. guy on Leidscheplein Amsterdam had me tricked for at least two minutes, 2. Suus thinks it scary that the blue sky turns black eventually, 3. great sticker, stickered on toilet in club watt, 4. I was there when Paul McCarthy’s Santa Claus (AKA Kabouter Buttplug) was installed in the Rotterdam city centre. (Great moment!), 5. Something nice I saw at the WDKA graduation exhibition (2008?) If you know who made this, please let me know. 6. Daan is Tof just changed his name back to Den Houter, 7. A 2 cm. x 5 cm. sized sticker in the subway says ‘I love Marc Dutroux’ 4 times, 8. Eline getting ready for ‘birthday buikspek en bonen’ at Schiller, 9. A Print Service I wouldn’t trust with the printing of my presentations, 10. In Gent (BE) you can buy a Kurt Cobain action figure, 11. Back in the day when Suus was an Indian squaw, 12. A subway sign I had not seen before. Or since for that matter, 13. Mautaz must be the finest delivery bear I know. (this one’s for you Maksiem), 14. Marieke and Nienke making party at the ‘1 Jaar Woei’ Party (Parkzicht, Rotterdam) and last: 15. Rotterdam Binnenrotte Market Sign.


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    Die Kurt Cobain pop is te erg!

  2. Mautaz
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    Heu ik sta op je blog