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dikke titels

Jeroen S. Rozendaal did it again! The (co) director/producer of beautiful portrait films such as ‘Te Gek Moment’ (about Frans Vogel), Noli Mi Tangere (about Jeroen ‘ik heb een trauma’ Brouwers) and ‘12’ (about the Fret Click) now brings you ‘INTERZONE’, a documentary film about dutch poet, enfant terrible and public person Bart Chabot (weetjewel). It premiered last GDMW festival in Den Bosch, but a decent Randstad screening is being arranged as we speak. I’ll inform you on actual set dates asap. Tim Roza, the film’s excellent editor and a pretty decent fellow and fun guy to be around in general, already went public with the title sequence I made and loaded that bugger up on his vimeo account as a sort of teaser to the much anticipated film. Enjoy!

Interzone titel sequence from MrRoza on Vimeo.

George Carlin

We Own Rotterdam


Finding Neverland?

Saturday May 21st you can…
…@ the Vierhavenstraat 52.

The coolest website of Rotterdam is turning one. Yeah! 2.0


Check it out over here!



windowpainting (HuMobisten, 2011)
groupshow: ‘Eshu Etaeb’
Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland
April 27th – May 22nd 2011

One of the things we find interesting about being in a digital surroundings (this society of ours), is that we can experience it as both digital and analog creatures. As soon as we turn digital, it seems all we care about is the future. ‘What’s going on tomorrow?’, ‘What are you going to do?’, ‘what and when is the new update?’, the rest is ‘memory’, only consulted when explicitly commanded to. When we are experiencing life as analog creatures however (when cycling, making love, walking, talking (although talking can also be a digital activity), joking around, sleeping) past, present and future are all to be experienced like a sort of ‘bowl of endless continuity’ going in all directions simultaneously.

with love,
HuMobisten (2011)

We zijn weer boos!


We zijn weer boos!
performance (HuMobisten, 2009)
groupshow: ‘Eshu Etaeb’
Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland
April 27th 2011