Monthly Archives: July 2011



If you were either at the ‘Earth is smaller than thought’ or at the ‘Re: Amsterdam’ show (during Art Amsterdam) you might have seen my work ‘Homey Universalis on… order’. Now, since that thing’s waaaayyyyy too expensive for most people (not counting actual rich people), I had a limited edition (of 50) screen prints made (in a collaboration with photographer Pim Top and top notch screen printer Mike Leach) for you, the low budget crowd. Well, art business has been alright and now there are only ten (10!) hand numbered and signed copies left for sale. So, if you’re eager to get one, mail me – thru, or contact me on the Mode Neukers facebook page. They are sized 70 cm. x 100 cm. (about 28″ x 40″) and come down to an even € 50,- (fifty euros), 19% taxes and/or shipping excluded.

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