Some time ago Willem Voorn interviewed both myself and the GZA for an online platform called 2010LAB(.tv).


Quoting from their site ‘2010LAB.tv is the online laboratory of the European Capital of Culture – RUHR.2010. It is an interactive web tv, blog and audiocast network of national and international authors, bloggers, users, film makers, artists and partner institutions. On its three main channels art, economy and education 2010LAB.tv presents movers, minds, locations, creative quarters and conferences of the creative scene from throughout Europe. The knowledge and reports generated on 2010LAB.tv by the editorial staff and its community are focused on the connection between creative industries and social, economic and urban spin-offs which believe in a change through culture and creativity.’

Now that’s a mouthful. Of course we had our mouths full of words again and before mentioned mr. Voorn pulled them straight out and wrote them down leaving out only the most boring and uncomprehensable bits. Here you can read Gyz’ interview on his latest milestone ‘Rotterdam 2040’ and here’s my interview on (mostly) design and such… Enjoy!

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