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Next week I have a quintuple/sextuple bill ready for y’all!


Starting next wednesday (september 7th), when Fata ‘El Moustache’ Morgana release their self titled debut album of which I did the cover design. All taking place at the hoofdstedelijke Paradiso upstairs venue, then a day later TWO books are being presented at the Hilversum Tagrijn for which the Studio Rufus Ketting (meaning Suus and me) did graphic design. Both books are made for the NPO (Dutch Public Broadcast Association) in a close collaboration with Djoemila Viegen (project manager extraordinaire), (the magnificent) Dennis Duijnhouwer, Sjoerd ‘lievelingsgrafiek’ Pennekamp, Maaike Holvast and the multi talented Robert Lagendijk. Anxious to seeing the final result!

Then on friday of course the much anticipated Eksit Courant release party at which I’ll be playing dance tunes for the masses (more on that later this week, I assume). Then saturday (september 10) we make print party at the Goliath shop (Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam) as part of the Wereld van Witte de With Fest. And, as if that’s not enough fun for one week, both Gyz and myself are being part of the Sculpture International 50 year celebral public Art walk. I will be telling tales of Thom Puckey’s ‘Husband of the doll’, an amazing sculpture located between a wok-to-go and an italian restaurant at the Coolsingel. Later that evening Rotterdam based indie outfit Neon Rainbows will present their debut album ‘An idea for plan’, for which (mostly) Suus did the album cover art…

Start charging them batteries amigos!