neue welle

The other day I was asked to make something chalky on Bar3’s charcoal grey wall. It became this here little étude called ‘Homey Universalis on… Fanaticism’ and it’s mainly about humans expressing the need to call certain stuff ‘divine’. Hope you like it! Extra special thanks go out to Jules Schoonman and Lisa Gliederpuppe for excellent DJ’ings during its vernissage, Gregory Miller for the lending of his exceptionally handy toy and Jeroen Sikma and Tjeerd Hendriks for inviting me over to make ‘something’.

If you want to see it ‘live’, it’s up there until at least january 8th. So, have a coke and a smile out at Bar3, it’s a lovely bar where —pretty unusual in Rotterdam— VERY nice music is being played.

‘Homey Universalis on… Fanaticism’
chalk on charcoal wall / 2010-2012