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Hot Items

In this last issue of items magazine (a dutch zine on design ’n stuff) Elda Dorren wrote a review on the YES exhibition that I curated some time ago at the MAMA art space in Rotterdam. The review is quite on point but I didn’t expect it to be anything else as I know her texts to be insightful and open minded, never funny, but certainly light hearted. Plus when reading her articles it’s obvious that she truly understands what it is to actually listen, unlike, well… basically everyone.

In the same issue of ‘items’ she also talks about two books that have special meaning for her (a sort of items traditional). One of those is How to Simplify your life by Werner Tiki Küstenmacher and Lothar J. Seiwert. it’s subtitled Seven Practical Steps to Letting Go of Your Burdens and Living a Happier Life and although I haven’t read it it seems pretty useful when learning about goals such as ‘How to conquer the paper piles on your desk once and for all’ and ‘How to stay fit and healthy, without overdoing it’. In her text on why she thinks the book’s brilliant she mentions somewhere that the whole idea of ‘perfection’ is just ridiculous and thus saying things like ‘I don’t know’ might be putting your life in just the perspective it needs. Now I don’t know if you’ve seen this exhibition but my guess is it couldn’t have had a better reviewer than her. See for yourself right here.

another competition bites the dust

Some time ago I asked you guys to award Homey Universalis and his design ‘Sad Skull / Happy Skull’ lots of points to help him win the BonBonKakku ‘June / July fabric design’ competition. Back then I was under the impression it was about a wallpaper design competition, turned out to be (curtain) fabric design competition… Same difference, it worked and he won! As a prize his fabric design is now for sale at the BBK website and somehow I received a couple of meters of the actual fabric. Sweet! Thanks everyone for helping a homey out.

photo: Jaap (Aap) de Maat


After viewing the post Blog Battle! at, I thought maybe this one above is even more bizarre.

World Trade Center information booklet, 1986

The Self

The other day I saw Ghost In The Shell (Mamoru Oshi, 1995, originally titled ‘Kôkaku kidôtai’) again. I guess the last (and first) time I saw it was 1998 or so and I remembered it had made a big impact then when I was in my early twenties. I couldn’t have guessed it would be as breathtaking then as it still is now. It’s a fantastic film on the dangers –or consequences if you prefer– of humanity creating intelligent computers. Wearable technologies, robotic limbs, the internet and the fact that we grew up on films about this subject (2001 A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner) provided us with a mindset able to further explore the meaning of the soul of men compared to the soul of objects.

I don’t know why I’m always fascinated and deeply moved by films on this subject. ‘A.I.’, ‘electroma’ and ‘The Matrix I-III’ are obviously films that made me cry like a baby. It must have something to do with a certain numbness robots display that I can easily relate to. Humans seem to almost take pride in showing their every emotion when shit hits the fan. Their will to display their involvement with other people’s misfortune is mostly enormous and encouragable. If it comes to stuff like that, I tend to act a little droidy myself. For instance I never take my problems elsewhere but I do advise others on theirs in a soulless, reasonable manner and on a clockwork basis. In a way I have become a replicant myself. Society prefers calling it ‘nihilist’, but doesn’t that mean ‘robotic’ in itself. Also, I don’t consider myself soulless, so even in that respect I’m just like all the soulless droids in all the films I just brought up. Maybe men truly is soulless and their longing for a certain soulfullness drives them to do radical things, or make radical choices and their longing or hoping to posess a soul actually provides them with one just as their longing for a God who’s not just their inspiration but also their actual creator provides them with one of those.

But I do believe in love to be the driving force behind- and the meaning of life, so in that repect I was created by –at least the act of– love and now am inspired by it, hense my God IS love. It’s just not the kind of love that makes me feel sorry for sadness, it’s more of a love that embraces the idea of a world in which happiness is something to be celebrated, like ‘weekends’… and sadness is just the mud we all wade through uninspired, simply because we must. Because we’re programmed to do so.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go out and order it on DVD: the animation’s stunning, the score (by Kenji Kawai) is stunning and the characters are cool ’n sexy like Bogart and Bacall, but the story (of a hacker called ‘the puppet master’ being tracked down by the cyborg cop who’s actually the puppet master’s digital soul mate) is simply awesome.

Life is like a box of Zeligs


Who were there when it really mattered? Alongside the (ever increasing) line
up (Leonard Zelig, Forrest Gump and James Murphy), apparently Dangermouse
and Cee-lo helped out the world some by inspiring the genius of others.

Their video will put a smile on yer face for sure!

HuMobiza in Genève


Last weekend we did the performance HuMobiza 2005 again, but this time in
2006. The performance festival ‘Points d’impact’ was ‘happening’ in this venue
called Usine Kugler, and was organised by Espace Piano Nobile. It was fun!
But if you go to Genève someday, watch out for the Genèvse Kikvors.
I know we did, laughter…

F.C. De Unie (in de Nighttown!)


Last friday the Dutchies played their first match for the world cup and won! Of
course baron Marcel Alexander Wiebenga (the Ist) threw another groovy LLIK
soccer party
and will continue to do so with all the dutch matches to come.
Next up are ‘les éléphants de la Côte d’Ivoire’ (Ivory Coast), starring Kalou,
Toure and Drogba. That’s bound to become one hell of a thriller. In Nighttown
the fun starts one exact hour before the matches, so next friday I’ll be seeing
you all at five o’ clock as Hitmeister D and me are DJ’ing during the game.
Last sunday Jules Deelder took care of the after-soccer party programme, as
well as the Benjamin Herman Trio who performed live in the Nighttown garden.
Next friday we organized flying in the Amsterdam based Last Night On Earth
monster sound, starring Fem, the Gilmour Guys and loads of free Vodkas.

pictures: Esther Stam
more pictures and all the rest on LLIK’s soccer parties, go here.