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echt lekker gay’e yuletide!

Toen ik klein was (een jaar of 20) was het een very good year. Vooral voor kleine dorpsmeisjes… of nou ja, voor Marcel Wiebenga en mezelf vooral eigenlijk, die met Oud & Nieuw (waarschijnlijk 1995/1996, of 1996/1997) lekker een hele avond in mijn kamer (op mijn bed) Frank Sinatra liedjes hebben staan zingen voor wie het wilde horen – wederom vooral wij zelf. Vervolgens speelde ik nog zeker 10 jaar in deze, dit en dat bandje, maar afgelopen 16 december kwam eindelijk het moment waarop ik al heel mijn leven leek te wachten: ik mocht met een heus jazz combo (het Schoonman Kwartet feat. Florian von Frieling) mijn lievelings-Sinatra liedjes zingen bij wijze van NAi kerstborrel-entertainment. Jules, nogmaals bedankt voor deze geweldige ervaring, Lisa voor de aanbeveling en band voor een goeie gig! Wow! Hieronder een carol bij wijze van season’s greeting en hier nog een ander klassiekertje… Merry Christmas!

Fuck Yeah!


Yeah… listen to this!



Eksit Krant is te koop (voor 2 euro) bij de volgende (boek) winkels:

Velvet, Showroom Mama, Tent, v/h van Gennep, Boijmans, Punch, NAI,
Snoek, Donner, Woei, MGH20, Nederlands Fotomuseum, SPAM, Chez Maria,
MLR, CBK, Plaatboef, Raster, Urban Unit, Plato, Demonfuzz, Mwah,
Gemeentearchief Rotterdam, Galerie Frank Taal en Contemporary Showroom.

foto (Frank Hanswijk): Gyz en Ruut Ramseier

let the horns blow

90′s were the new 60′s

music of the future and music of the past

Last Saturday my friend Frietje took me to see a pretty cool band called Field Music in the clubhouse. They reminded me of a section in my record cabinet called ‘pop that don’t suck’ as Billy Joel, 10CC, Steely Dan, Paul McCartney and Supertramp were all easily recognizable as being heavy influences to their songwriting. Supposedly one of its members is the son of Sting, which sounds an awful lot like a bad comic book spin-off. Luckily there weren’t any Police influences to be found. Although the Police did write some seriously good tunes (especially ‘Behind My Camel’ and ‘Canary in a Coalmine’ come to mind), they seemed to suffer from their own airplay more than the average much played radio star. Like Aretha or Michael Jackson, or the Boss for that matter. Anyway, them Field Music boys were really quite good at playing music, yet I’m kind of anxious to hearing their own sound, which I thought was kind of lost in adaptation there.


Speaking of music and influences, have you seen Marcel Alexander Wiebenga’s blog on ‘music and what it does for/to the world’ yet? It’s called 010110 (named after the day it started), but hey, what’s in a name? It covers awesome disasters in musical history, different ways of music meeting advertising, music videos that didn’t make MTV broadcasting on (punkrock) fridays, downloadable ‘perfect’ compilations, conspiracies of all sorts, ace youtube linkage, devos and divas, freaks and legends and well… just plain good stuff. Plus, of course, the funny writings of one bad ass drummer / music lover / sales tycoon and —most of all— connaisseur of the postmodern musical canon.

If you just tuned in be sure to discover at least two older posts on, first, a dutch guy that can hear which brand and model bass guitar is used as Mark King (of Level 42) slaps and plucks some of his trademark riffs on the spot on a couple of different bass guitars and, second, Marcel’s two-parted study on how rap ’n rock crossover experiments in the past have ‘helped spawn a horrible genre’. It’s, as we say in dutch, ‘to laugh your cock out of your pants over.’

I never dreamed this would happen…

Who could have foreseen this… it’s beautiful and amazing (it’s even bigger than our website can handle!) and like every other thing Jimi did. Sorry for not posting for so long. It’s really really busy. I”ll be back soon with lots more on (amongst other things) my new piece showing at the Rotterdam Museum Night, Marcel Wiebenga’s super cool new weblog on music, love, life, politics and what have you. Bye bye!

second coming


The New Earth Group did it again! Coming 20th of February, they’ll be releasing their (often feared) second album called ‘Eurafricarabia’ (thru Excelsior Recordings instead of Willy Anderson this time) in Rotown Rotterdam. A second release party is to be at the Paradiso Upstairs, march 13. As is custom with T.N.E.G. ‘Eurafricarabia’ will be available on both CD and (double) vinyl!

Suus and me have taken care of the cover design(s) again (we also ‘did’ their before mentioned debut album) and I guess especially for those of you living in The Netherlands the design —based very much upon the title— kind of speaks for itself. See if you can spot our self colored Cleisthenes(!) and find out all about that Voyager Golden Record (somewhere in the Zeeland / Noord Brabant area) on wikipedia, it’s ace!. Nice extra is that the boys at Excelsior have some Terry Gilliam-esque animations made from our cut-outs. Those can be seen right here.

I’m in the Music Business!


These are five records I designed the album covers of this year. They are Choca Alazaba’s ‘Reverse Bad Energy’ / The New Earth Group Prouctions, Benjamin Herman’s ‘Blue Sky Blonde / DOX Records (which became the best selling jazz record of the year thank you very much), Sir Ian’s ‘Apathology’ / Dying Giraffe Recordings, Rosa Ensemble’s ‘No Ark Dead Eel’ / Dying Giraffe Recordings and Hidde van Schie’s musical alias The 21st Century’s ‘Nocturnal Tellurian’. The last three are to be offically released in 2010 but they’re already done and sent out to be reviewed, so here’s a sneak peak anyway.

I’d like to say they’re my Album Top 5 of the Year, but that would be too much of a coincidence. They are, however, great records all five of ’em! So be on the lookout! Suus and I also did the design for the new The New Earth Group album ‘Eurafricarabia’ this year, which is to be released february 20 in Rotown (Rotterdam) and will be released through Excelsior Recordings.

I suppose this is my last post for the year, so I leave you all with the almost genuine dutch fireworks slogan: ‘You are a cunt, if you with fireworks stunt!’ and hopefully see you all in 2010!

everybody’s got something to hide…

Quite some time ago I posted something about an amazing song and music video I had seen when I had stayed in with the flu and instead of working had been watching tv for one or two days. The song was Arctic Monkeys’ I bet you look good on the dancefloor and I remember my friend —and quite the music buff— Niels Post commenting ‘I don’t get it, it’s just four blokes on a stage’ to that post. But it was exactly that, or the way they pulled that combined with a greedy look of ambition in their singers eyes, what I had liked so much about them. (plus they reminded me somewhat of The Feelies, which is always a good thing).

Couple of years later, a couple of days ago, photographer and friend Pim Top showed me this new A.M. video to their new song ‘Cornerstone’. Now I had not really been following the career of the monkeys, occasionally I had heard some of their albums because Joep Jacobs played those albums like there was no tomorrow, here in the old studio, but I had only found their sound ‘way too ADD’ for me.

This new song Cornerstone however, got me as psyched as the time I first saw ‘I bet you look…’. And the video’s just beautiful. Lots of lo-budget stuff is just lame, art school, fashionist thrash, this thing now really underlines the notion of ‘less is more’ as gestures and motions become truly meaningful, in a vivid manner inclusive to the most vulnerable irony or sleaziest, foulest romantic lyricism.