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New Order – Temptation

The temptation of Victoria video by Michael Shamberg.
Videostill (by Geert Mul) of Michael Shamberg (on the right) and me (on the left) in 1999 (Madrid). (Now it is more me on the right, hehe…)

Holland’s single best band


Avant La Lettre is my favourite dutch band of the moment. They’re light (yet not light hearted), they’re fresh (like Mountain Dew or Sprite or actually like Cherry Coke) they have a myspace up with lots of great songs and some videos, and some albums that have obviously influenced them / their sound / lives / thoughts / whatever. And they have an ace blog on (mostly) pop culture. Check ’em out! When it’s all over I’ll let you know.

Bose Speakers

We zijn weer boos!
performance (HuMobisten, 2009)
TENT., Rotterdam
September 9th, 2009

Listen to the song?

photo: Frank Hanswijk

Blue Sky Blond

The new Benjamin Herman album reeks of cannabis. Herefore I (yes, I!) made the album artwork about altered states, paralel universae, hallucination and other realms of sensitivity. The music’s mostly soundtracky, afrocuban and funky and features guest appearances by (amongst many others) C-mon & Kypski, Git Hyper and Paul Weller. Yet another side of Herman’s musical genius brought to light. Buy and preview/prehear here. Thank you Cathelijne Beijn for backing me up and Tymen Cieraad for chaos management!

The New Nasi Rames Band

Listen here!

A new song from my repertoire

Dutch version
English version


Duke Special, who is curating the last day of the Belsonic festival in Belfast (Northern Ireland) selected my film ‘12’ to screen twice at the festival.
So Belfast here I come! Yeah!

model fuckers spelen op openingen

After swearing I’d never be in a band no more, my friend Arnoud ‘De Nuge’ van der Zijden did it again and made five incredibly good tracks with garageband. I could not resist and we got together this band consisting of Jeroen ‘de Rev’ Rozendaal (de vogels, The New Earth Group) on keys, Jos Hoevenaars (Mono, The New Earth Group) on Guitars, de nuge (Oil, de vogels) on bass and myself (Homey Universalis) on drums. We’re called ‘Model Fuckers’ and Model Fuckers’ (instrumental) music sounds like nothing you heard before (except maybe some really weird 80’s film soundtracks), but you be the judge of that once you’ve downloaded our third ‘song’ (can you call a track a song, if there isn’t a singer for the song to be sung?) called ‘except for the Coca Cola thing the word ‘enjoy’ lost its meaning’ for free right here.

Read more on Model Fuckers here on

Sunn O))), fucking hell!

Last monday I went to see SUNN 0))) perform in the Raymond Strantse Kerk (a church). I have only one thing to say about the concert: FUCK YEAH!!! I do have a pretty funny anecdote on what went on right beforehand tho. An hour before the show me and my man de Nuge smoked one in the museumpark, made a couple of jokes on ducks, homosexuality and security guards and we were off to church.

As we got inside the church to find ourselves a spot, I felt like peeing real bad and luckily ran into someone I know who works at the Church, who let me in on a little secret: an actual hidden toilet somewhere in the back of the church, just my luck! So I went and I went and felt pretty relieved, washed my hands, walked out the bathroom to enjoy a little organ music that was already playin’ to get us in this whole mystical mood that was going on, and BAMMMM! I suddenly found myself in a corridor with six (6!) doors. as I got in I didn’t know where to go and while turnin’ round to see where I came from I immediately forgot just that. I tried a door and it was closed, the one on its right lead to a staircase. I tried another one, or at least I thought so, but it turned out to be the exact same one (that was leading to the staircase). I began to worry some and I felt a little stupid that I had just opened the same door twice (imagine me playing the memory game). I tried another one and I was back in the hall where the door to the secret toilet was located and I was like ‘my god! is this really happening to me, this… this… stoner classic?!? WOW!’ I felt kinda privileged, like Alice (when she was ten feet tall), and when I finally took a right door and was back in the main… church… space (what’s the name for this space? like ‘Oecemenical Praise room’ or something… I mean ‘the room that makes a church a church’. A prize for the best name in the comments section!) Anyway, I had to laugh so loud (yet silently) and I immediately told the first person that called my name (Selwyn Slop) the whole thing. I must have looked like a complete idiot. But fuck it, I love my life!!!

In case you don’t have a clue what SUNN O))) is, here’s some youtube stuff and this is what their press text said on this tour: “Pure, raw, uninhibited invocations featuring O)))s core members: Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson ONLY. 2 Les Paul guitars, 4 Sunn fullstacks, 4 Ampeg bass stacks. No guests, no vocals, no keyboards. We hope you will join us!.”

Tourism 9 / Kraftwerk

I just read the other day in the program-folder of the STRP festival this cool quote from Laurent Garnier:

‘Rotterdam looks like the music of Kraftwerk and Liverpool doesn’t look like the music of The Beatles’. Which is a pretty cool quote! Do cities look like music? Well I know one thing, if you have time between April 2nd and 4th, you should go to the STRP festival in Eindhoven, and find out for yourself what the music for Eindhoven is. And untill the 13th you can check out the Poème Electronique –the Le Corbusier, Edgar Varèse, Xenakis and Philips superb installation ‘Philips Paviljoen’ at the World Expo (1958, Bussels)– special, with lectures, presentations and what not?

Enfin, I just downloaded two songs from Quando Quango. A band that is originally from Rotterdam (from the early eighties). And the only band from here that was on the Factory Records label (To stay a bit towards Peter Saville, or Rufus latest post). One of the bandmembers was Mike Pickering who threw parties and booked bands at HAL4 (Utopia) in Rotterdam.

In my flyer’dam book I referred to him:

Take HAL4. Now it’s youth theatre, but in the eighties the entire Neue Deutsche Welle was flowing through the Maas River. New Order had their European kick-off here and a certain Mike Pickering, who was to be right there at the Hacienda when the house revolution was just starting off.

to finish it up: See you next time, world tourists!