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Somewhere in April…

Picture: Copyright Martin Lodewijk 1982 / Gyz La Rivière 2012

In november leggen alle uitgevers een kalender

Nou ja, uitgeverij Trichis (eerder o.a. verantwoordelijk voor het uitgeven van Gyz’ bestselling Rotterdam 2040) in elk geval wèl! Ik heb ’m al minstens drie uur bekeken en ik heb nog steeds niet alles gezien. Er valt verder niet veel over te vertellen dan dat je dat ding gewoon in huis moet halen. Voor € 27,50 is de kalender het perfecte cadeau voor iemand aan wie je meer dan een tientje moet uitgeven, maar ook weer niet te ver boven dat geeltje wil uitkomen. I – de – aal! Mijn werk (met de veels te lange titel ‘Homey Universalis on protest – Word Up’) staat op 24 mei en is gefotografeerd door ome Pim Top. Oewhoooi!

(binnekort, ik beloof het, weer iets dat niet over mezelf gaat. Daar heb ik ineens zin in!)

steadily going towards post #1.000 (#910)

Next week I have a quintuple/sextuple bill ready for y’all!


Starting next wednesday (september 7th), when Fata ‘El Moustache’ Morgana release their self titled debut album of which I did the cover design. All taking place at the hoofdstedelijke Paradiso upstairs venue, then a day later TWO books are being presented at the Hilversum Tagrijn for which the Studio Rufus Ketting (meaning Suus and me) did graphic design. Both books are made for the NPO (Dutch Public Broadcast Association) in a close collaboration with Djoemila Viegen (project manager extraordinaire), (the magnificent) Dennis Duijnhouwer, Sjoerd ‘lievelingsgrafiek’ Pennekamp, Maaike Holvast and the multi talented Robert Lagendijk. Anxious to seeing the final result!

Then on friday of course the much anticipated Eksit Courant release party at which I’ll be playing dance tunes for the masses (more on that later this week, I assume). Then saturday (september 10) we make print party at the Goliath shop (Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam) as part of the Wereld van Witte de With Fest. And, as if that’s not enough fun for one week, both Gyz and myself are being part of the Sculpture International 50 year celebral public Art walk. I will be telling tales of Thom Puckey’s ‘Husband of the doll’, an amazing sculpture located between a wok-to-go and an italian restaurant at the Coolsingel. Later that evening Rotterdam based indie outfit Neon Rainbows will present their debut album ‘An idea for plan’, for which (mostly) Suus did the album cover art…

Start charging them batteries amigos!



LAATSTE NIEUWS, De eenmalige Eksit Krant komt uit op 9 september tijdens De Wereld van Witte de With. 76 pagina’s maar liefst… Potverdikkie wat een te gek ding is het geworden. En hij gaat maar 2 euro kosten… Er is de laatste twee maanden enorm hard aan gewerkt. Super blij dat de Eksit Krant naar de drukker kan. Keep you posted en Aquarellll!, Kuifje de reporter…

Dit is Veenman

Een bedrijfsfilmpje wat ik in juni heb gemaakt met Oscar Langerak voor Veenman Drukkers. Voor een HD versie, hiero!



If you were either at the ‘Earth is smaller than thought’ or at the ‘Re: Amsterdam’ show (during Art Amsterdam) you might have seen my work ‘Homey Universalis on… order’. Now, since that thing’s waaaayyyyy too expensive for most people (not counting actual rich people), I had a limited edition (of 50) screen prints made (in a collaboration with photographer Pim Top and top notch screen printer Mike Leach) for you, the low budget crowd. Well, art business has been alright and now there are only ten (10!) hand numbered and signed copies left for sale. So, if you’re eager to get one, mail me – thru, or contact me on the Mode Neukers facebook page. They are sized 70 cm. x 100 cm. (about 28″ x 40″) and come down to an even € 50,- (fifty euros), 19% taxes and/or shipping excluded.

Find more of my stuff here

dikke titels

Jeroen S. Rozendaal did it again! The (co) director/producer of beautiful portrait films such as ‘Te Gek Moment’ (about Frans Vogel), Noli Mi Tangere (about Jeroen ‘ik heb een trauma’ Brouwers) and ‘12’ (about the Fret Click) now brings you ‘INTERZONE’, a documentary film about dutch poet, enfant terrible and public person Bart Chabot (weetjewel). It premiered last GDMW festival in Den Bosch, but a decent Randstad screening is being arranged as we speak. I’ll inform you on actual set dates asap. Tim Roza, the film’s excellent editor and a pretty decent fellow and fun guy to be around in general, already went public with the title sequence I made and loaded that bugger up on his vimeo account as a sort of teaser to the much anticipated film. Enjoy!

Interzone titel sequence from MrRoza on Vimeo.

London Calling


London Calling
The Clash of Civilizations
Gyz La Rivière, 2011

De contracten, 2011

I made a piece about a certain Gaston (or, as we call him in Holland ‘Guust Flater’) episode. Guust is a lazy, blundering office junior at a youthful publishing house (the publishers who in real life publishes the actual comic series) with a special talent for science experiments. Besides being lazy, clumsy, kind of self centered and pretty cocky he’s also just a pretty ‘good guy’ sort of fella, who (usually) unconsciously keeps the office from having a lucrative contract signed with (grumpy) businessman De Mesmaeker.

In one episode it is because of a redecoration of the main office Guust had done over the weekend. When De Mesmaeker is (once again) ready to sign, he’s too distracted about the mural Guust had done and he once again takes an anxious hike without leaving his highly anticipated signature. I guess, the whole idea of a mural making a business deal not happen appealed to me. Here’s how that ends:


and here’s my version:


made possible by Marc Overman & Kroonpart
furniture through Jarno Kooijman @ Contemporary Showroom
photo: Pim Top

Go see it now at the exhibition earth is smaller than thought, on until march 12.

…after all


Last Saturday the exhibition ‘Earth is smaller than thought’, which I kind of suggested Frank Taal to make and host in his very own gallery, opened. It was a great opening of what I think became a really good show. Apart from my own, (new) work of Marijke Appelman, Hans Citroen, Daan den Houter and Matrijs van Merg are on display. It’s open until march 12 and I’ll be informing you all on an especially entertaining lecture I’m planning on having take place there as well.

Anyway, above is a picture of my work ‘Homey Universalis on Order’ (14 big ol’ black characters (ca. 25 centimeters high) attached to the wall), which is part of the ‘Homey Universalis on…’ series. It’s partly covered by Elfie Tromp and Stefan Tijs (good people), who are both in the book business and might therefore both be drawn to the writing on the wall. Practically all the work in the exhibition is for sale, but if you’re on a tight budget I also made a limited amount of screen prints of this particular piece which comes down to an even fifty euros (€ 50,-), signed and numbered.