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How to OLLY

Olly Moss

voor haa… euh… hem… ik bedoel ‘ZIJN!’

Als je je afvroeg hoe het komt dat ineens heel masculien Rotterdam in plaats van met de gare kop met haar ‘waar je ’m in ken uittekenen’ nu ineens met een prima gesneden coiffure rondloopt: Schorem, de herenkapper. Ik ging zelf al sinds jaar en dag (nou ja, een kleine twee jaar) bij een der [...]


Some time ago Willem Voorn interviewed both myself and the GZA for an online platform called 2010LAB(.tv). Quoting from their site ‘2010LAB.tv is the online laboratory of the European Capital of Culture – RUHR.2010. It is an interactive web tv, blog and audiocast network of national and international authors, bloggers, users, film makers, artists and [...]

deze is voor Sid Vicious…

Zoals zoveel kids geboren ergens halverwege de jaren ’70, ben ook ik in het bezit van zowel Henry Chalfant/James Prigoff’s Spraycan Art als Martha Cooper’s Subway Art. Boeken die ergens halverwege de jaren ’90 in geen enkele bibliotheek te krijgen waren, maar die volgens de computers van diezelfde bibliotheken ‘echt op de plank hoorden te [...]

‘Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.’ – Franz Kafka

A while ago DC asked me to help ’em out with the art and direction of this book they were makin’ in a collaboration with André Platteel, a dutch well known author on (mostly) visual culture and Dennis Duijnhouwer, who did the (splendid) photography. I had me some fun talking on youth (and with youths) [...]

I’m in the Music Business!

These are five records I designed the album covers of this year. They are Choca Alazaba’s ‘Reverse Bad Energy’ / The New Earth Group Prouctions, Benjamin Herman’s ‘Blue Sky Blonde / DOX Records (which became the best selling jazz record of the year thank you very much), Sir Ian’s ‘Apathology’ / Dying Giraffe Recordings, Rosa [...]

design of the times

Suus’ designs keep amazing me. And not just because we kiss sometimes. Check out this latest and other efforts on her blog. Peace! In the Middle Ease…


WATT campaign design (HuMobisten, 2008) client: WATT, Rotterdam December 2008


WATT campaign design (HuMobisten, 2008) client: WATT, Rotterdam October 2008 We were invited by WATT (Rotterdam) to be in a pitch (and the HuMobisten won the damn thing!), for making a new campaign for the saturday evening clubnights. These are the first flyers and posters for the LaLaLand and WATT’S HAPPENING? clubnights. Coming more soon…!