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mistroostig #1

Het Facebook is een beste plek. Het meeste erop is natuurlijk… eh, tja… hoe zeg je dat? ‘overbodig’(?) of ‘overbodig en daarom juist wel aardig’. Anyway, daar ga ik niet over. Om de zoveel tijd zie je echter iets op dat platform waarvan je denkt ‘dit had ik toch niet willen missen’. En over precies [...]


Het is weer Rotterdam 2040 tijd. Gyz komt in mei met de première van zijn eigen boekverfilming en ik maak zijn titels en ‘campagne design’. De té goeie Rotterdamse archiefbeelden vliegen ons weer om de oren dus. Wat te denken van deze helaas (op Cinerama en Lantaren/Venster na) uitgestorven dinosauriër: de Rotterdamse niet-mega-bioscoop. In dit [...]

Wall Street 2: The Girlfriend Experience

One of the favorite films of both Gyz and myself is the 1987 Oliver Stone classic Wall Street. Especially Gordon Gekko, innocence lost personified, portrayed by one excellent Michael Douglas (who for the first time in his career over-classes his dad, except for maybe ‘A Chorus Line’) is a class A movie personage and the [...]

I’m in the Music Business!

These are five records I designed the album covers of this year. They are Choca Alazaba’s ‘Reverse Bad Energy’ / The New Earth Group Prouctions, Benjamin Herman’s ‘Blue Sky Blonde / DOX Records (which became the best selling jazz record of the year thank you very much), Sir Ian’s ‘Apathology’ / Dying Giraffe Recordings, Rosa [...]

Wu-Tang, bitches!

I too participated on Veenman Drukkers (Rotterdam based printers) ‘Kredietposters’ (credit posters) manifestation. It’s their opinion that we shouldn’t mope and make things worse than they are and instead try and turn things around. They practise what they preach and came up with the following: ‘you design a (more or less upbeat) poster on this [...]

bread on the board

Although I’m always the first to say ‘we shouldn’t actually be talking about the economic crisis, ’cause the talk itself is already fifty percent of the problem’ or interpreting Dutch fluxus professor Willem de Ridder (thank you Boris) ‘no one can ever solve a problem while trying to solve and thus concentrate on that problem’, [...]

touched and went

U2 – Get On Your Boots – U2MIRACLE.COM from u2miracle.com on Vimeo. What would my life have been like without Big Black, Slint, Shellac, June of ’44, Brainiac, PEGBOY, The Monorchid, Girls Against Boys, Calexico, !!!, Blonde Redhead or The Jesus Lizard? Who knows, maybe sort of the same, probably not. Probably the word ‘edgy’ [...]