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neue welle

The other day I was asked to make something chalky on Bar3’s charcoal grey wall. It became this here little étude called ‘Homey Universalis on… Fanaticism’ and it’s mainly about humans expressing the need to call certain stuff ‘divine’. Hope you like it! Extra special thanks go out to Jules Schoonman and Lisa Gliederpuppe for [...]


If you were either at the ‘Earth is smaller than thought’ or at the ‘Re: Amsterdam’ show (during Art Amsterdam) you might have seen my work ‘Homey Universalis on… order’. Now, since that thing’s waaaayyyyy too expensive for most people (not counting actual rich people), I had a limited edition (of 50) screen prints made [...]

…after all

Last Saturday the exhibition ‘Earth is smaller than thought’, which I kind of suggested Frank Taal to make and host in his very own gallery, opened. It was a great opening of what I think became a really good show. Apart from my own, (new) work of Marijke Appelman, Hans Citroen, Daan den Houter and [...]

Attentie! Hier volgt een bericht voor volgend jaar!

FYI Dan weet u dat vast…

another competition bites the dust

Some time ago I asked you guys to award Homey Universalis and his design ‘Sad Skull / Happy Skull’ lots of points to help him win the BonBonKakku ‘June / July fabric design’ competition. Back then I was under the impression it was about a wallpaper design competition, turned out to be (curtain) fabric design [...]