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echt lekker gay’e yuletide!

Toen ik klein was (een jaar of 20) was het een very good year. Vooral voor kleine dorpsmeisjes… of nou ja, voor Marcel Wiebenga en mezelf vooral eigenlijk, die met Oud & Nieuw (waarschijnlijk 1995/1996, of 1996/1997) lekker een hele avond in mijn kamer (op mijn bed) Frank Sinatra liedjes hebben staan zingen voor wie [...]

I’m in the Music Business!

These are five records I designed the album covers of this year. They are Choca Alazaba’s ‘Reverse Bad Energy’ / The New Earth Group Prouctions, Benjamin Herman’s ‘Blue Sky Blonde / DOX Records (which became the best selling jazz record of the year thank you very much), Sir Ian’s ‘Apathology’ / Dying Giraffe Recordings, Rosa [...]

Blue Sky Blond

The new Benjamin Herman album reeks of cannabis. Herefore I (yes, I!) made the album artwork about altered states, paralel universae, hallucination and other realms of sensitivity. The music’s mostly soundtracky, afrocuban and funky and features guest appearances by (amongst many others) C-mon & Kypski, Git Hyper and Paul Weller. Yet another side of Herman’s [...]

crime jazz rip

A while ago, I guess it was 1998, two friends of mine named Deniz Alpay and Philip Powel started organising a thing called Crime Jazz. I had learned of it from Vincent who was deejaying at these parties or gettogethers that were later niftily subtitled ‘words, poetry and beyond’. I didn’t really know what to [...]

Blow by Blow

When it came out I already wanted to say something about this beautiful album, but then I forgot and there wasn’t a real reason in quite some time. As if I need a reason?! Well, I guess I somehow do. Anyway, what better reason than letting you all know about the Edison, a prestigious musical [...]