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…after all

Last Saturday the exhibition ‘Earth is smaller than thought’, which I kind of suggested Frank Taal to make and host in his very own gallery, opened. It was a great opening of what I think became a really good show. Apart from my own, (new) work of Marijke Appelman, Hans Citroen, Daan den Houter and [...]

Attentie! Hier volgt een bericht voor volgend jaar!

FYI Dan weet u dat vast…

vroolijke teekeningen

Aporetic drawings of deconstructed streets and numbers, jokes, other forms of cryptography and finally stuff that isn’t supposed to be made out of that stuff are at the basis of the work of one Matrijs van Merg who is showing work at the MK Gallery (Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam). Although it’s not a very big [...]