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daar gaat me image!

Next week, thursday the 28th, I’ll be speaking my mind in a so called ‘key note’ at the Rotterdam based Image Festival. I was asked to speak about flyers and their relation to music, or the music scene. Apparently I have once said (some 10 to 15 years ago or so) ‘the flyer is dead’. [...]

music of the future and music of the past

Last Saturday my friend Frietje took me to see a pretty cool band called Field Music in the clubhouse. They reminded me of a section in my record cabinet called ‘pop that don’t suck’ as Billy Joel, 10CC, Steely Dan, Paul McCartney and Supertramp were all easily recognizable as being heavy influences to their songwriting. [...]

second coming

The New Earth Group did it again! Coming 20th of February, they’ll be releasing their (often feared) second album called ‘Eurafricarabia’ (thru Excelsior Recordings instead of Willy Anderson this time) in Rotown Rotterdam. A second release party is to be at the Paradiso Upstairs, march 13. As is custom with T.N.E.G. ‘Eurafricarabia’ will be available [...]