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Shanghai II

Als het warm is, kan je altijd nog lekker gaan douchen met z’n allen…

Shanghai I

Idea for Kleinpolderplein?

Goodbye, I am going to Shanghai

From Thursday August the 19th until Saturday August the 21st the city of Rotterdam will present it’s nightlife culture in Shanghai during the World Expo 2010. During these three day’s Rotterdam will present both it’s ground breaking past and innovative present in club culture. On Saturday the 21st Rotterdam’s presentation will come to an end [...]

Shanghai 2010

When you’re in the middle of chaos, sometimes the sun shine and positive things happen. Like yesterday for example when I was on the phone. Cause it is confirmed that I go to Shanghai next summer! And besides that, that will be an earlier visit to China then my longtime Fret Woei, haha! I will [...]