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colo(u)r me badd

From june 19 til’ last july 11th Gyz and me participated on the group show Kleur 01 (colo(u)r 01) at Dek22, a show in which the works were selected (by guest curator Anique Weve of Fam. Ruim) based on their primary colo(u)r(s) or because they had something to do with one of the primary colo(u)rs [...]

over cheerin’ up gesproken…

Ik ben dus ziek (,maar toch aan het werk vanwege dingen die gewoon echt af moeten!) en da’s geen pretje. Je wordt de hele nacht wakker van niks. Je moet de hele tijd poepen, maar je kan dan niet. Je bent de hele tijd duizelig(!). Je kan niet tegen het geluid van TV en lezen [...]

Se a vida é

‘Yes’ is the new ‘No’. Pet Shop Boys have a new album out. Bound to be great. You’re right, that is a Peter Saville album cover.

Hot Items

In this last issue of items magazine (a dutch zine on design ’n stuff) Elda Dorren wrote a review on the YES exhibition that I curated some time ago at the MAMA art space in Rotterdam. The review is quite on point but I didn’t expect it to be anything else as I know her [...]

YES seen on TV

The YES exhibition was supposed to end last sunday, but because of its gigantic success another whole week has been added to its existence. So, if you got a six pack and nothin’ to do visit showroom MAMA on the Rotterdam Witte de Withstraat and see what you think of it. Thank you: Jan de [...]